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How do you determine eligibility for your programs?

All of Housing Alexandria’s programs are governed by the Area Median Income calculation provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

The 2023 median income in the Washington D.C. Metro is $152,100 for a family of four, and $106,500 for a single person household.

“Low Income” by HUD for the DC Metro in 2023 is anything up to $95,300 for a family of four, and anything up to $66,750 for a single person.

HUD’s definition of “low income” is normally any salary up to 80% AMI. However, because we have such a high cost of living in the DC Metro, HUD adjusts the low income threshold downward to bring it closer to the national median. Mathematically, the income limits for an “80% AMI” unit in the DC Metro may be closer to 63%.

Some programs, like Housing Alexandria’s planned homeownership program, may use a “math 80%” instead of a “HUD 80%” when setting income limits. In this case, the “math 80%” is $120,560 for a family of four, and $84,400 for a single person.

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Do you have a waitlist?

Generally, no.

Housing Alexandria does not maintain active ongoing waitlists for our properties, and units are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants who are interested in living with us are encouraged to contact properties starting 2-3 months before their desired move date to learn about upcoming availability and to speak directly to leasing team members about their needs.

Ahead of a large-scale leasing campaign (such as when we open a new building for the first time) Housing Alexandria may create a one-time waitlist to ensure we move fairly through those opportunities. One-time waitlists are discontinued once the initial leasing is complete.

Interested residents can learn more and get on a monthly availability mailing list at “Looking to Rent.”


Do you have any senior housing or housing for persons with disabilities?

Housing Alexandria does have units that meet UFAS requirements for navigation by wheelchair. Several of our properties also have units that are accessible by elevator or ground floor units for those using other mobility devices. We can help provide support for other reasonable accommodations for residents with disabilities.

Housing Alexandria does not have any senior-exclusive housing.


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