Alexandria Housing Development Corporation (AHDC) was born when the City Council recognized the need for a plan of action to address the City's affordable housing crisis. A citizen work group was formed to identify solutions - one of which was to establish an independent non-profit developer that would be exclusively dedicated to work in Alexandria. As a result, in January 2004 the City Council named five incorporators to begin the work of AHDC.

Since then, we have expanded our staff, space, and outreach, helping over 400 residents find a home in our city. In the past year AHDC has tripled our full time staff, and laid the groundwork to more than double the units we currently offer by 2019. We seek out opportunities and innovative partnerships to create attractive and unique affordable properties, and we build quality, environmentally sustainable, and connected units that AHDC residents are proud to call home.

We do this because we love Alexandria - and it deserves to be affordable to all.


Our vision

We envision a diverse Alexandria where all people can live and thrive.


Our Mission Statement

We develop and preserve quality housing that is affordable and we support our residents so they may thrive as members of the Alexandria community.