Resident Services Program

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AHDC is coordinating with community partners to bring on-site gardens, healthy cooking lessons, exercise classes and memberships, social events and more to AHDC properties, free of charge or at minimal cost to residents. See our First Year Outline here.

Children and adults

35% of our residents are under 18 years old, so AHDC makes sure we are serving families and adults with our programs. To that end, we host events such as Santa Breakfast, Back to School parties, and safety demonstrations. 

Growing together

in its inaugural year, the Resident Services Program conducted a survey to learn what residents want most out of their communities. In addition to health and wellness, residents indicated interest in age based events and environmental care. AHDC keeps these in mind as we develop ideas for what's next.

Contact us

Have an idea for a program you would be interested in? Is your club or organization looking for volunteering opportunities? AHDC is looking for community partners for resident services. Contact us to see how we might work together.