AHDC Launches Resident Services Program

As a part of our Strategic Plan, AHDC is committed to our newly launched Resident Services Program, coordinating efforts to bring to AHDC residents events and services that benefit them directly and will help us achieve our vision – that all may live and thrive in Alexandria. 

To do this, AHDC conducted a survey as a part of it’s annual resident demographics snapshot asking residents what future services they would like to see, that would benefit them and their families:

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Across every property, “health and wellness”, including nutrition/cooking classes, exercise options, and lifestyle seminars was a top choice, followed by age specific programming and environmental impact activities. With our gardening projects at the Station (as well as new garden constructions at Lacy Court and The Bloom) underway, this idea became a natural fit for AHDC and our theme for resident services for 2018. To this end, AHDC will coordinate the following:

1.  Healthy cooking and eating, with produce from the gardens given freely to residents and hosted healthy cooking classes and events provided by our 3rd-party garden managers.

2.  Facilitated access to exercise offerings, including exercise classes onsite or with neighborhood partners, for both youth and adults.

3.  Assistance with lifestyle habit changes, such as smoking cessation programs.

4.  Social events and activities for the whole family, including Earth day volunteering, Thanksgiving potlucks, safety expos, and back to school celebrations.

AHDC is excited for this chance to connect even further with our residents and grow our roots deeper into our neighborhoods. Keep checking back here for more updates!

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Resident Services Program: Jhalil Dickerson Award Ceremony

On Friday, January 12th, Alexandria Housing Development Corporation, along with city and state representatives, celebrated Jhalil Dickerson as he received his 2017 Virginia Governor's Housing Conference Outstanding Youth of the Year award. Jhalil was nominated for the award by The Station's property management team for his hardworking contributions to the Station community: working in the rooftop garden, assisting with set up and clean up of community events, showing kindness towards seniors by helping with doors and bags, and more. The award included a funded 529 College Savings Account and a small gift for Jhalil, and an award to the Station for further community development and events. 

Present at the event included members of Jhalil's family and friends; City of Alexandria Vice Mayor Justin Wilson, who spoke on the value of community service; Ayan Addou, who presented the award on behalf of the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA), and Helen McIlvaine, Director of Housing for the City of Alexandria. AHDC's Executive Director Jon Frederick and AHDC staff members were also in attendance. 

To be able to work with Jhalil as he invests in his community is a true joy. Congratulations to him and his family from AHDC!

To read our previous piece on Jhalil, click here. 

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New Year 2018 with AHDC

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2017 was a year of great strides for Alexandria Housing Development Corporation. As we reflect on the past year and look forward to 2018, we want to share with you some of the highlights of what you, our supporters, help make possible:

Developing 171 new homes and renovating 44 more
It’s going to be a good year for hard hats. The Gateway started construction in 2017, and the work on our portion of this mixed-use development will begin in August 2018. The Bloom, our partnership project with Carpenter’s Shelter, will begin construction in May. Lacy Court renovations will begin in March, and residents have already begun the process of temporary relocation, facilitated by our relocation case manager. Every one of these 215 units AHDC is working on will be either a new construction or a full renovation, compliant with EarthCraft environmental standards. When completed, AHDC will have doubled the number of affordable homes we offer in Alexandria.

South Elevation.jpg

The Bloom/Carpenter's Shelter

New projects underway
In 2018, AHDC will continue our work with Alfred Street Baptist Church to find way to create or preserve affordable units in the southeast corner of Alexandria, as the City continues work on their Route 1 South housing affordability plan. AHDC is in early planning for additional mixed-use development projects in growing corners of the city, and is working with other local non-profits to preserve housing opportunities for the city’s most vulnerable.


Kids complete a challenge at our Santa Breakfast

Resident Services Program
AHDC launched our resident services program (RSP) at the end of 2017. In response to resident surveys, the program will focus on creating onsite health and wellness opportunities for residents. Offerings will include exercise and healthy cooking classes, smoking cessation assistance, social events for children and adults, and more. Our community garden at The Station and upcoming ones at Lacy Court and The Bloom will take center stage in the RSP as a hub of social events, learning, and fresh produce for all.


How you can help
We are still looking for community partners to join in with our RSP! Have a great idea about how your knowledge, expertise, organizations or clubs can help further wellness in Alexandria? Let us know at communications@housingalexandria.org. We will also be fundraising for our gardens this April 25th with Spring2Action, so be sure keep that in your calendars.

2018 is shaping up to be a top-notch year for AHDC. Housing sits at the nexus of all social issues in our city, and AHDC recognizes that when housing choices improve, we amplify health, education, and career outcomes for all our neighbors. If you’re looking for a local non-profit to support that has far reaching impact through our city, please join us as we build homes for all people in Alexandria.

Happy New Year to all!

Jon Frederick, Executive Director
Alexandria Housing Development Corporation

Santa Visits AHDC!

Santa's gotta take a break sometimes, right?

Although he's been working hard getting presents ready for boys and girls worldwide, Santa dropped in for a special visit with the kids of AHDC this weekend for their holiday pancake breakfast. In between games, top-it-yourself pancakes, and special treats, Santa took time to visit with each and every kid and ask them for their holiday wishes. 

We're so grateful to the jolly old man for making time to visit with us! 


Alexandria Housing Development Corporation: Building Homes for the Holidays