Unit Information

  1. When will the units be available? Can I tour them?

    The Lacy Court Phase 2 units will be available for move-in in October 2019. The site is an active construction site, and as such no tours are available at this time. Please visit the Lacy Court page to see what the finishes for the apartment look like in the Phase 1 units (finishes will be the same.)

  2. How many units do you have? What is the typical rent?

    Please see below. There are 18 units total:

    1. Studios: 435 SF, Typical Rent $810

    2. 3-BRs: 1070-1101 SF, Typical Rent $1,821.00

      Rent provided is an estimate: actual rents may vary.

Eligibility/Qualifications for Lacy Court

As an equal opportunity housing provider, AHDC provides housing opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, familial status or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

  1. What is the maximum income allowed?

    Lacy Court is a tax-credit property and as such must adhere to HUD established maximum income limits by household size. Lacy Court has 40% AMI, 50% AMI, and 60% AMI units: the maximum incomes for 60% AMI units are listed below:

    1 person - $51,000

    2 people - $58,260

    3 people - $65,520

    4 people - $72,780

    5 people - $78,660

    6 people - $84,480

  2. What is the minimum income allowed?

    Minimum incomes are determined by the size of the unit requested. The minimum incomes for each unit type are listed below. (If you have a section 8 voucher or other rental subsidy, the minimum income requirement may be changed. Please still apply, and if called the leasing team can assess your individual situation.)

    Studio - $24,300

    3-BR - $45,150

  3. Do you accept housing choice vouchers?

    Yes, Lacy Court accepts vouchers.

  4. What counts as income?

    Income is all regular wages and salaries earned by adults (but not wages of employed minors.) Income is also any benefit or payment that any adult or minor in the household receives regularly: Self-employment, unemployment pay, disability benefits, child support (court ordered or not), alimony, TANF, veteran’s benefits, pensions, social security, worker’s compensation, student financial assistance, or recurring gifts. (SNAP benefits are NOT counted.)

  5. Are accessible units/ADA requests handled differently?

    Applicants who meet the need for an accessible unit will be given priority for those units.

Waitlist Process

  1. If I submitted a waitlist application for the Nexus, do I also need to submit one for Lacy Court?

    Yes. You need to submit a waitlist application for each upcoming property individually.

  2. What information do I need to complete a waitlist application?

    Contact information, unit preference, # of household members, and an estimate of income are all that are needed to complete the waitlist application. If you are invited to complete a lease application, you will need to provide documentation of family size, income, and other information at that time.

  3. How do we handle online applications submitted at the exact same time?

    Online applications submitted at the same time will be assigned an arrival order using computer randomization.

  4. How will mailed applications be timestamped?

    Mailed applications will be timestamped at the time and date they are collected from the P.O. Box. We will not check the box for Lacy Court applications prior to June 24th. To ensure the earliest possible time of delivery, please consider using the online form.

  5. How will mail applications picked up from the P.O. Box at the same time be sorted?

    All mail applications received at the same time will be assigned a random order, using computer randomization.

  6. I don’t have access to a computer. What are my options?

    The online form is smartphone accessible, if you are able to use a smartphone or tablet device. You can also use your local public library to access the online application – for Alexandria click here, for Arlington here, Fairfax here. If you need a paper application, a version will be available to download and print here on our website starting Friday, June 21st. You can also pick up a printed paper application at City of Alexandria Office of Housing at 421 King Street, #215, at 9:00 AM beginning on Friday June 21st. (The City and ARHA will NOT accept applications on our behalf.)

  7. Can I drop off applications anywhere in person?

    No. Applications delivered in person will not be accepted. You cannot hand deliver applications to our main office, other AHDC rental offices, the Office of Housing, ARHA, or the post office. You will be given the mailing address to mail the application, which will result in a multiple day delay.

  8. When will I be contacted after submitting the waitlist application?

    Waitlist applications submitted online will receive an immediate email response confirming receipt of your waitlist application. Waitlist applicants who submit a mailed application will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of pick up from the P.O. Box. If no email is provided, AHDC will attempt to confirm receipt of your application via phone.

  9. Will I be able to know my place on the waitlist application?

    AHDC will contact all applicants on the waitlist following the end of the waitlist application period on July 1st. Applicants will be notified of next steps in the application process at this time.

  10. I am no longer interested in applying for an apartment and would like to be removed from the waitlist.

    Please email us at to remove yourself from consideration.