Lacy Court Renovations - Before and Afters

The renovations at Lacy Court, a midcentury garden-style apartment, aimed to make the historically affordable apartments into units that would be sustainable well into the future. Renovations included more open spaces, increased natural lighting, replaced outdated appliances with energy-friendly ones, centralized heating and air, and included overall cosmetic upgrades to communal and private spaces. Best of all, previous residents will be able to return to these units and pay the same or less rent as they did before.

AHDC acquired Lacy Court in 2011 along with Longview Terrace and Arbelo Apartments, in order to keep the units affordable to families with lower incomes. Lacy Court marks the last of the three properties to undergo renovations to bring the units up to 21st century standards.

Lacy Court renovations are just halfway done - the renovations of the second building, home to studio and three bedroom units, will be completed later this year.