AHDC Launches Resident Services Program

As a part of our Strategic Plan, AHDC is committed to our newly launched Resident Services Program, coordinating efforts to bring to AHDC residents events and services that benefit them directly and will help us achieve our vision – that all may live and thrive in Alexandria. 

To do this, AHDC conducted a survey as a part of it’s annual resident demographics snapshot asking residents what future services they would like to see, that would benefit them and their families:

graph small.jpg

Across every property, “health and wellness”, including nutrition/cooking classes, exercise options, and lifestyle seminars was a top choice, followed by age specific programming and environmental impact activities. With our gardening projects at the Station (as well as new garden constructions at Lacy Court and The Bloom) underway, this idea became a natural fit for AHDC and our theme for resident services for 2018. To this end, AHDC will coordinate the following:

1.  Healthy cooking and eating, with produce from the gardens given freely to residents and hosted healthy cooking classes and events provided by our 3rd-party garden managers.

2.  Facilitated access to exercise offerings, including exercise classes onsite or with neighborhood partners, for both youth and adults.

3.  Assistance with lifestyle habit changes, such as smoking cessation programs.

4.  Social events and activities for the whole family, including Earth day volunteering, Thanksgiving potlucks, safety expos, and back to school celebrations.

AHDC is excited for this chance to connect even further with our residents and grow our roots deeper into our neighborhoods. Keep checking back here for more updates!

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